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Body armor is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to protect themselves from bodily harm in high-risk situations.

So, you have a plate carrier (or looking to buy one), and you need to know the different types of body armor plates and which

What is a Ballistic Helmet?
A ballistic helmet is standard infantry equipment that provides ballistic protection from

Hard armor plates are valuable, especially when there are life-threatening events happening all around us. They provide

Body armor. It’s been around since mankind learned to use leather straps to protect ourselves against the world’s

Body armor side plates…to buy or not to buy? This is one of the most common questions we receive, and in this blog, we’re going

Understanding what body armor to buy as a civilian can be confusing, mainly because it’s probably not something you’re

When shopping for personal protection, you should never wonder about the legitimacy of the body armor you are purchasing.

So, you are interested in purchasing hard armor plates to upgrade your loadout. You have selected the necessary threat

People in many professions and vocations wear body armor while on duty. Others store gear in their homes for use in an emergency.

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