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Founded on the principle that your next day matters, Next Day Armor has made it its mission to get civilians the highest quality armor in the shortest amount of time. Offering proven performance, accelerated acquisition, and cutting-edge quality – Next Day Armor is a top choice for anyone wanting reliable and quality body armor protection as soon as the next day. 

High-Quality Armor

Next Day Armor is one of the few authorized internet distributor of Leading Technology Composites (LTC). LTC has been a trusted source of protection equipment for nearly thirty years and holds the highest standard for quality armor in the industry. Worn by military, police, and special missions units across the country – buyers of our armor know they are being protected to the same level of those in the most dangerous career fields. 

LTC armor is made of a high quality blend of ceramic/aramid or ceramic composite. This proprietary blend of materials solves two of the biggest problems with body armor – weight and durability – and creates a lightweight plate that is easy and comfortable to wear, while ensuring you are personally protected at all times.

Top Performance

LTC is the leading body armor manufacturer offering NIJ certified products. The NIJ (National Institute of Justice) is the only nationally recognized standard capable of qualifying armor for law enforcement and the military. Their rigorous ballistic and environmental testing protocols are implemented to ensure that only the highest quality armor receives a stamp of approval. Our hard armor plates are certified and ready to be worn with the confidence of the NIJ’s standard.

Delivery Speed

Next Day Armor’s next-day delivery capabilities are unparalleled when compared to our competitors. Because we are one of the few authorized internet distributor of LTC armor, we’ve created a streamlined procurement process that cuts out the middle-man and focuses on shipping your body armor so you can receive it as soon as the next day. All of our products are manufactured and shipped within the United States of America, enabling us to get body armor into your hands within as little as 24 hours! With shipping delays and supply chain issues bogging down body armor and personal protection companies, Next Day Armor provides superior service by offering next-day delivery.

With a team full of experts on personal protection and body armor working behind the scenes at Next Day Armor, we’re excited and ready to help protect as many people as we can. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us at

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